JanusQL is an easy-to-use Electron powered GUI for GraphQL API security and performance testing. It allows users to test the performance of their GraphQL API by displaying a query's response time, throughput, and average response time per a given load. It can also test if their GraphQL API is protected against DDOS attacks. Users can keep track of all analytics ran while exploring the API by sending it different kinds of data to see what values are returned.

Currently in Beta.

Main Features

Intuitive GUI Query Editor

Test your GraphQL API queries. Just input your API and submit a query in the code editor workspace to test your response

Performance Metrics

Track crucial GraphQL API performance metrics such as response time, throughput, status, query size, and average response time per set loads

Security Metrics

Inspect your API’s response to common Graphql security vulnerabilities, receiving feedback and remedial recommendations should any vulnerability exist

Our Team

  • Adrian Inza-Cruz

  • Kim Chiu

  • Lucas Mobley

  • Phillip Bannister

  • Tammy Le

Get Started

To get started, fork and clone the app from our github.

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